Summer 2020!!!

My Domino Artz Photography Promo Cards are out in random places until August 31st to celebrate my birthday!  If you find one, email me a photo of the card and get 10% off your next photography!

March 2017

Have you read my interview with Duran Duran’s Roger Taylor for Palm Springs Life Magazine?  Check it out here

Feb 2017

A photography excursion to Dublin, London & Paris??!?  YES!!!!  I’m going on a photography trip to these great cities…follow my adventures on or Instagram/dominoartz !!!  Watch out for a photo exhibition regarding this adventure…maybe even a book…stay tuned!!!

“Healing the Wounds of War” as Pulitzer Prize winning photograph of Vietnamese Napalm Girl Kim Phuc can now “feel the touch of her Grandson” thanks to new scar techniques…READ MORE HERE.. a new article I am proud to have written for Zwivel.  Look for more articles for them on my “MORE CLIENTS” page here.

December 2016

Writing many articles for Plastic Surgery/Beauty website Zwivel!  Read Me!!!

Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures 2016

Illegal Butt Injections

Over the counter chemical peels, do they work?

Make Up Show Chicago 

September 2016

Selling my hand made, one of a kind jewelry & photography at Ravenswood Art Walk.  Come Buy!!!!


August 2016

Did you hear me being interviewed on WGN News Radio regarding my Crain’s Lolla article?

Here I am!!!  Listen up!

Have you read my first article for Crain’s Business Chicago on Lollapalooza?


May 2016 

Have you read my first article for Esquire with former Dum Dum Girls Kristin Kontrol?

April 2016

Have you read my interviews with Joan Baez, Kenny Rogers, & Mike Mills (R.E.M.) for Guardian US? Read on my Guardian profile page here.


Feb 2016

READ my Valentine’s Day articles:

FREE Valentine’s Dates (my 1st article with) Thrillist LA?

Richard Gere’s Brother started UCLA’s Sex Squad (Valentine’s Day Advice)

SEXY Music Valentine’s Dates with LA Weekly

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Jan 2016

Have u read my Guardian US interview with Legendary Joan Baez or Kenny Rogers?

Screen shot 2016-02-11 at 4.07.05 PM

December 2015

Have you read my Kenny Rogers interview for The Guardian US?

The Guardian US (cited by Billboard,  Hollywood Reporter, Washington Times and more)


My Coachella photograph is in “The Best of 2015” book by Photographer’s Forum Magazine!!!

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February 2015

Have you read my interview with Eddie Murphy for

Cited by Hollywood Reporter and more!


 December 2014

View my Photography in “Best Of 2014” on LA Weekly!!!

MAY 2014

“Footprints” Available for Purchase


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